Borderlands 2 best in slot shield

This Rocket launcher can be elemental but it is very rare to get it that way.
Notes: "Pele humbly requests a sacrifice, if it's not too much trouble." This is a variation on the online poker legal in usa Volcano's flavor text from the first game, which was "Pele demands a sacrifice!" Creates a fire butt on impact, spreading fire damage to enemies near the impact.
Notes: "Makes your brains hurt." Fires 5 bullets for the cost of one, fired in a tightly packed spread, not unlike a shotgun, although the spread does not expand until very long ranges.
Notes: "Ogres chew their food." Effect: Increased fire rate, increased damage, bigger magazine.Small chance to be white rarity with no special effects, (Be cautious with the elemental effects as they are usually dangerous) Black Hole edit Drops from Foreman Jasper (Opportunity Pyro Pete, the Warrior, and loot midgets.Explodes on contact with enemies, but bounces high when thrown at the ground.After completing "The Bane" he spawns after every save/quit.Notes: "Vlad would be proud." Acts like a Spike Shield, but also shoots spikes at enemies who attack you from a distance.A short time later, a number of fireballs will rain down on the location as well, causing widespread fire damage.I've played hundred and hundreds of hours in these games, but sticking with one character long enough to farm out legendaries just isn't my thing.You'll have an infinite source of shock right online casino verslaan here.I just want recommendations for non-orange gear.See: Dynamic Logan's Gun Maggie edit Drops from Mick Zaford (The Dust) Drops from The Golden Golem (Tiny Tina DLC) Notes: Monty's wife don't take no guff.
Always slag elemental effect.Fire Bee edit Drops from any lootable source by random.See: Bad Touch Flakker Sledge's Shotgun edit Drops from Smash-Head (The Fridge Hyperius, loot midgets, and slot machine in Moxxi's Bar.Very large magazine for a sniper rifle.Each spawned grenade acts like another mirv Grenade and spawns 1 grenade when it explodes.Back." Boosted critical damage.For him." When aimed, burst fire.Next, we'll need extreme firepower, obviously a rocket launcher.Torgue Vending Machines using, torgue Tokens.