Costa rica internet gambling license

The following are the online poker odds calculator mac basic services that we can provide to the online gaming entrepreneur: Online Gaming Report : A customized legal analysis of the implications of installing an offshore gaming company.
Instead, companies operate under a "data processing" license.
Gaming companies in Costa Rica, for many years GLC norsk online casino dealer Costa Rica Gaming Law Attorneys have adviced hundreds of entrepreneurs of small, medium and large online gaming companies in all the related aspects required to install a legal gaming operation as an offshore platform in Costa.Legalization costs depend on the specific countries Consulates rates.Incorporation in Costa Rica, costa Rica is one of the most discreet offshore centers in the world and enjoys economic and political stability making it a popular tax haven.Although there is no specific gambling license for gaming activities, corporation may execute online gambling or online casino activities under a data processing license.There is no double tax treaties, thus no information exchange regarding the goods and services transferred.Suscribe to our newsletter, skype: offshore_as, touch to Call.All internet addresses from Costa Rica must be blocked from the server, since it is Costa Rica's strict policy that none of their citizens participate in online gambling.
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This is so because there is no specific gambling license in Costa Rica, so all corporations that conduct gambling activities use this "data processing license" or most recently some of them operate using a "marketing license".
There is no reporting or accounting requirements for offshore company.With more direct experience in legal online gaming companies than any other firm in Costa Rica and Central America, GLC Costa Rica Gaming Law Attorneys is a regional Gaming Law authority based in Costa Rica.Arce is the author of "The Legality of International Gaming in Costa Rican Law" of 1999 and his opinion on the ever growing industry of online gaming has been featured in all the main newspapers of Costa Rica, specifically La Nacion, The Tico Times,.Avia and Slogold Group.A.Secure Internet connection for sending email messages, browsing the Internet, electronic banking.While the Central American country Costa Rica is home to more than 200 online gambling companies, it does not actually have legislation specifically designed to deal with gambling over the Internet.This aspect can be important for the businesses working with the USA and.