Igt slot error code 61

igt slot error code 61

Notice on the bottom of the cash tropicana casino atlantic city rooms box is a door which has two small finger sized holes on one side.
Ensure the cash box door is fully open.Error Code 3300 (IGachines).It is important not to wait for a long time to replace the battery as data stored on the RAM may be lost.Menu, call or Text, do you have a slot machine with an error code that you can not clear?Put the game chip back in and a few seconds latter 61 pops.And everything checked out okay.Hopper is Full and Coins Go Down a Chute to Bottom of Machine.The tray should be pushed down into place.Closing the door resets the game and the reels will spin and stop in their last valid position.
Hi, i went though and did search on the problem I am having with a slot machine.
Normally the door is held closed by a small piece of electrical tape so the bottom cash box door doesnt come open while removing it from the cash box chassis of the slot machine.
Although retrieving currency from the cash box is routine, we have placed it this section to ensure you follow the correct steps for retrieving currency from your slot machine.Remember not all slot machines are equipped to accept currency in order to comply with certain best free casino app for iphone laws.If the problem still exists or quickly reoccurs, use the information below to correct the problem.It is recommended to replace the battery as soon as possible.In a few moments you should hear the sound of the hoppers motor turning and soon the remaining coin payout will begin.Locate the Jackpot Key which is normally kept inside the slot machine in a plastic envelope on the side of the cash box.It is designed to fit in easily without using excessive force.