Movers speaking part 1

movers speaking part 1

Movers speaking practice ( questions part 1 ) ยป.
Can you repeat, please?Here there are four threes, but here there are tree.(four) Do you have to give full sentences?Look at these pictures.II a sustinut examenul YLE Starters si l-a promovat.Stress to students that there is more than one way of talking about the differences.g.The boy is eating with both hands here.Simple language is acceptable though you should encourage students to say more if they can.There hes eating with one hand and holding his chips with the other.Prompt students to use appropriate classroom language when listening to each other,.g.This woman is carring a small bag, but this woman is carring a big bag.
They dont write them down.They can point but they cant speak.Prompt students to reply to you,.g.The usher is someone who roulette online game free download speaks the students first language and who is possibly known to the student ucles 2009.What other different things can you see?Candidates may be asked questions such as 'Where do you go after school?' or 'Tell me about your favourite sport.' At this level, candidates are expected to answer with greater expansion than at Starters level, and to answer reasonably promptly, although they are not penalised.Tell students that there are seven differences.The bike in the park is green and yellow).