Spell slots 5e cleric

Flight is absolutely crucial at high levels, and getting it this easily can free up resources for more exciting things.
SentinelPHB: Melee Clerics can be blackjack bonus no deposit very effective, especially once you get abilities like Divine Strike, so your opportunity attacks can be very lethal.
Cure jackpot winner las vegas Wounds is basically required to survive any game of DnD, and Bless is nearly a win condition at low levels where adding 1d4 to a roll can exceed your proficiency bonus.
3rd-Level: Both situationally useful at best.Since many Faces tend to have low Wisdom, it's a very good idea for you to pick this.1st-Level: Detect Magic is one of the most useful and important Divinations in the game.Your Rogue should have Guidance for every skill check they make while searching, sneaking, handling traps, etc.LuckyPHB: Good on anyone.Persuasion (Cha Crucial for a Face, but you can skip it if someone in the party has more Charisma than you.9th-Level: Flame Strike is a fantastic damage spell, and Hold Monster is a great way to remove an enemy from a fight.Javelin: Same logic as the Light Crossbow, but Strength-based.Improved Flare: Fantastic if you have allies who are squishier than you like a Wizard, or if you need to buy time until you can heal someone.Hellfirescag: Nothing helpful for Cleric.
Shield: You can put your holy symbol on your shield, so there is almost no reason not to have one.Scale Mail: Starting gear for most Clerics.Sincet his is a bonus action, you can still use your action to hit something with a mace or cast a cantrip.You will now be able to cast these today.Domain Spells: Lots of really fun options, many of which aren't normally available to Clerics.Bonus languages are nice at low levels since Clerics don't get Comprehend Languages, but they do get Tongues as a 3rd-level spell.Check back very soon, and keep an eye.