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M1 Helmets are preferred!
Army surplus stores have lots of cool old stuff from the time period!
Uniform: OD Green or Ranger Green (combat shirts are acceptable).The idea is to cause so many casualties that the enemy simply gives.Erven :50, e-mail, thomasPaw.Uniform: Green Tiger Stripe, weapons permitted: M16, M14, M870 Shotgun, M60, Stoner 63, M700, VSR-10, M79 Thumper, M72 LAW, XM177, M4 Cabine with carrying handle and plastic handguard only!You may only reload magazines at the respawn, not in the field.Richmond, TX 77469 tickets can be purchased at: #tickets, ticket Price:.00, an airsoft event based on the Vietnam War.Full auto fire is a GO for this event for all players.This is meant to be an immersive event true to the time period!Hundreds of thousands of US Troops have been deployed to the republic of South Vietnam to fight against the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and Vietcong guerrilla fighters.Factions, united States Army, frontline infantry troops searching out the enemy in patrols through the jungle and rice paddies of Vietnam.
Erven :26, e-mail, thomasPaw.
Weapons such as the M700, M14, and other sniper weapons may be fitted with a scope and you may use a picatinny rail to attach the scope.
US troops can run green boonie hats, green caps, green bandanas, or M1 helmets.Uniform: Solid black (Rice Hat preferred!).Uniform: Khaki tan (combat shirts are acceptable).General uniform and weapon regulations (period specific).We will allow M16s that are not of the Vietnam era as long as they retain the plastic handguard and carrying handle sight, and the same goes for M4s to simulate mobile gaming league an XM177 rifle.Hi I travelled with Norwegian to Oslo on the 15th Dec.As it hasn't help me yet.3 weeks later, we were already home in Guernsey.The buggy tag number is 1328DY613701.Pepite prosím ovovací kód: enter the characters shown in the image.